Typewriter Bird

Typewriter Bird

Type: Sculpture / Mixed media construction

This was the first piece made out of a typewriter. “It was made in 1960 when I was living in William’s house and had that gorgeous studio…I found an old typewriter in the corner and couldn’t use it because it was broken so I made something out of it” (1).

“Typewriter Bird was constructed from the curved arms inside a pre-daisy wheel typewriter. They are set in an arc, like plumage, the occasional arm bursting away from the curve like the jut of a cock’s head as he struts around the barnyard” (2).

In Exhibit:

Dimensions: H: 17.5  W: 15.5  D: 7.5  

Exhibition History:

“Slobodkina: Early (1938) and Recent (1988) Works,” Sid Deutsch Gallery, NY and Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, FL, 1989; Tufts show, 1992.
Heckscher Show, 2008
Traveling Show, 2008-2010

Catalog #: SF_0971