Monochrome No.1 / Hands Counting

Monochrome No.1 / Hands Counting

Type: Painting / Oil on gesso on polyester cotton mounted on masonite

“What you find here are the little prints with the hands. I found the prints first..the hands I just put in, because I do a lot of commercial art occasionally…like catalogs for some charity thing…as a result, I use a lot of…Benday or Zip-a-tone or color-reducing screens…color separations…Thise screens look so attractive…this is a reproduction of one of those screens…Lettraset…this is how they come in different shapes and forms…it doesn’t stick anymore but when it is new you can transfer…you receive this kind of catalog….all of these are symbols for mark-making and here are my hands and they amused me so much I went and I made a whole composition of them” (Slobodkina Interview, March 26, 1991, Tape III, Side I).

In Exhibit:

Dimensions: H: 27  W: 48   

Exhibition History:

Tufts show, 1992.

Catalog #: SF_1031