John Cheevers’ Studio, Yaddo

John Cheevers’ Studio, Yaddo

Type: Painting / Oil on panel


Painted while Slobodkina and Bolotwsky were residents at Yaddo. According to the Tuft’s catalog, they were there in 1934 (p.13). However, various paintings in the master list with Yaddo as their subject are all dated 1933. I think these paintings are dated wrong. The autobiography indicates they were in Yaddo in 1934.

“Our original two week stay was graciously extended by another week, and another. We painted feverishly, expecting orders to pack up and march on to come any moment. Ilya went in mostly for slightly abstracted, heavily stylized scenes of nearby Yaddo structures or street scenes which we painted in the nearby town of Saratoga Springs. I loved to paint interiors. My favorites of the period are still the very successful little painting of our odd studio stove, a still life with water lilies and a painting of water lilies floating in our bathtub” (Notes for a Biographer, Volume II, p.357).

In Exhibit:

Dimensions: H: 9.5  W: 12   

Exhibition History:

Esphyr Slobodkina: An Introspective, Art & Culture Center of Hollywood, February 16-March 18, 1984
Heckscher Show, 2008
Traveling Show, 2008-2010

Catalog #: SF_0920