Irish Elegy (Elegy)

Irish Elegy (Elegy)

Type: Painting / Oil on board

ES 37

Esphyr notes: “one of my favorites – very early – ‘abstract surrealist’ as I call them.” See Sid Deutsch correspondence 4/6/90.

In Exhibit:

Dimensions: H: 32  W: 17.25   

Exhibition History:

“Eight by Eight,” 1945; “Eight by Eight: American Abstract Painting Since 1940,” Washburn Gallery, NY, October 1-October 25, 1975; Tufts show, 1992; “Late nineteenth & twenieth-century American Masters”, Sid Deutsch Gallery Oct.3-25,1989; Intimates and confidants in art husbands, wives, lovers and friends, February 28-May 23, 1993, Nassau County Museum of Art, Roslyn Harbor, New York

Catalog #: SF_0989