Type: Collage / Paper and foil collage

“This is a tiny little thing with the old-fashioned telephone sign…On this were based a number of paintings…I did those between doing my bookkeeping and answering phones and doing everything in the office [William Urquhart’s office]. I was really working the materials that came across my desk. These were old fashioned telephone bills with these blue telephones…I use anything I feel like” (Slobodkina Interview, March 26, 1991, Tape II, Side I).

“This collage, much in the vein of Kurt Schwitters, assembles random detritus into a concise composition that is intriguing not only for its modernist reachings but also as a time capsule for the age in which it was created.” Harold Porcher

Study for a large painting entitled “Broadway Corners” owned by Eleanor Tessler.

In Exhibit: Caps for Sale & Other Great Tales, Oliver

Dimensions: H: 5  W: 7   
Display info: 3 of 3 Placement: 6

Exhibition History:

“Rediscovering Slobodkina: A Pioneer of American Abstraction,” Heckscher Museum of Art, Huntington, NY, Jan 10 – Mar 22, 2009; Samuel P. Harn Art Museum, Gainesville, FL, Jun 16 – Sept 6, 2009; Naples Museum of Art, Naples, FL, Oct 1 – Dec 29, 2009; Sheldon Art Museum, Lincoln, NE, Jan 26 – Apr 18, 2010.

Catalog #: SF_0028