Boat Building (Original Working Drawing)

Boat Building (Original Working Drawing)

ca. late 1960s or early 1970s
Type: Working Drawing / Pencil on paper


This detailed work study was recently exhibited in the national tour, “Rediscovering Slobodkina: A Pioneer of American Abstraction.” The drawing offers insight into Slobodkina’s painstaking work process. Unlike the spontaneous action painting of the abstract expressionists, Slobodkina’s approach to painting involved methodical planning. She would create many sketches and work studies, exploring different compositions and color combinations, before making the large scale work.

In Exhibit:

Dimensions: H: 16.25  W: 11.75   

Exhibition History:

“Rediscovering Slobodkina: A Pioneer of American Abstraction,” Samuel P. Harn Art Museum, Gainesville, FL, Jun 16 – Sept 6, 2009; Naples Museum of Art, Naples, FL, Oct 1 – Dec 29, 2009.

Catalog #: SF_0394