Ancient Music

Ancient Music

Type: Painting / Oil on masonite

Esphyr notes: “Intermediate sketch for the large painting in I & R Walsey collection.” See Sid Deutsch correspondence 4/6/90. Gail Stavitsky writes: “Ancient mMusic incorporates fantastic upright and horizontal forms which reminded the artists of well-weather, old wooden instruments of unknown extraction. The title, like that of Ancient Sea Song, suggests her life-long interest in musical instruments as well as Greel art and mythology” (Tufts catalog, 27).

In Exhibit:

Dimensions: H: 28  W: 36   

Exhibition History:

Tuft’s show, 1992. “The Uses of Geometry Then and Now,” Snyder Fine Art, October 29-December 4, 1993″

Catalog #: SF_0749