In commemoration of Esphyr’s 111th birthday, September 22,1908, The Slobodkina Foundation is honoring her with the launch of our new Caps for Sale website.

Children will get the chance to learn the story of how Caps for Sale was made, learn about Esphyr Slobodkina the author and artist, and all the other characters from Slobodkina’s many children’s books that are now part of the Caps for Sale series.

The Slobodkina Foundation will host several contests a year designed for both individual and classroom participation.

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Esphyr Slobodkina working on Caps for Sale
Esphyr Slobodkina working on Caps for Sale

Esphyr Slobodkina age 41, in her Great Neck home among her paintings.

"Levitator" (1950) Oil on gessoed board. 25h x30w  

Scenes from Caps for Sale: The Musical
just completing a six-month run to sell-out crowds. Washington DC to 42nd Street!

Mural Sketch No.1 (1937) Oil on gessoed Masonite, 9.5h x 23.5w

Caps for Sale
and it's sequel More Caps for Sale, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the series!